Catsxp : Chromium-Based Privacy Focused Web Browser

Even though Windows comes with a web browser of its own – Microsoft Edge web browser, some users always want to try other available third-party web browsers for one reason or another. Some people prefer the Chrome web browser because of its fast performance and wide acceptability. Other users want to try Firefox web browser because of its well known security features. If you want both the speed and the security in a web browser, then you can try Catsxp web browser.

Catsxp Browser is a web browser based on the Chromium engine and it adds many more features mainly focused on the user privacy and the overall browser security. It is available for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. The web browser package downloads are available in three different formats – web installer, offline installer and a portable ZIP archive.

Catsxp Browser

The Catsxp browser has an integrated promotional content blocker. It also tries to block any attempts to track the user data. The overall effect is that it makes the web browsing much more safer by blocking the annoying trackers. It comes with a toggle switch for enabling or disable the dark theme mode.

Because of these privacy features, we can use Catsxp for opening websites really fast. It can be used for online gaming too when you do not need any clumsy add-ons taking up the system memory. Some users also suggest it for online shopping sites, but it is entirely upto the user.

Catsxp Browser has an extended support for the gestures. Using your touchpad or mouse, you can use these gestures to carry out various tasks. It comes with a dedicated download manager and has full support for the  Chrome extensions. In fact, you can download and install any of the Google Chrome extensions in Catsxp Browser and they should run without any problems.

You can download the Catsxp Web Browser from