NovProg : Track the Writing Progress of Novels

If you are a professional writer, write articles, news stories, short stories or novels, then you have to keep a close eye on how you spend your time writing. Without managing your time effectively, you won’t be able to finish a writing job in time.

There are many ways to monitor the progress of your writing jobs. But the easiest one is to use an app or a Windows application like NovProg. Mainly designed to track the progress of writing a novel, NovProg offers all the tools needed to get closer and closer to reaching your writing goals.

NovProg is a Windows application and is available as a portable program. As you launch NovProg, you are asked to create a new writing project. For each project, you have to give a title (the proposed title of the novel is a good start), specify the goals (daily words to be written and overall total words to be written), the date range (date of starting to write and the date of finishing the writing goals), and the counter start point.


If you are starting a project fresh, then the start counter is set to zero. But if you have already written a few pages then the starting counter has to be the total words already written.

NovProg does not come with any text editor for actually writing the novels, stories or books. You can use any editor of your choice to write your novel. But at the end of the day, you have to launch NovProg and enter the total number of words written that day into your NovProg project.


As you keep adding the total number of words into NovProg everyday, it creates a bar chart of your progress. If you do not complete the daily goals for day, then it shows a yellow colored bar for that day. If you complete the daily goals, then it shows a green colored bar for that day.

All in all, NovProg is a very productive tool to motivate your everyday writing. Using NovProg, you can keep a track of how many words you have already written and how many more you have to write.

You can download NovProg from