Free Compress PDF : Reduce PDF Filesize to Make Them Smaller

PDF files are everywhere as they can be viewed as easily as they can be created on any platform. In the past, it was not easy to create a new PDF file without using Adobe’s expensive software. But now we can create PDF files using a number of different PDF editors as well as virtual PDF printers. Microsoft Windows itself comes with a PDF printer which adds the ability to save any file into the PDF file format.

When we  create a PDF file containing images, its size increases manifold because of all the images. PDF file stores the images in the JPEG format and we can decrease the overall PDF filesize by reducing the quality of the JPEG images used. When we reduce a JPEG image’s quality, its file size is also reduced.

This is the method used by a freeware tool called Free Compress PDF. This tool intends to reduce the size of any PDF file using a number of methods. The method mentioned above (compressing JPEG images) is also used by Free Compress PDF. In addition, it can also remove some of the comments and other metadata from the PDF.

Free PDF Compress

The user interface of Free Compress PDF is extremely easy to follow. All you have to do is click on the Add Files button to add a number of PDF files that you want to compress. If a PDF file is password protected, then you have to add that password to access the PDF file. If you have a folder containing a number of PDF files, then you can add the folder itself.

In the compression options, you can choose the quality of images (which is set to be 25% by default). If you reduce the quality too much, then the images won’t look so good. It depends entirely on the users how much they want to compress the images. Finally, clicking on the Compress button in the toolbar does the job.

Free Compress PDF is a nice little tool to make PDF files smaller in file size. It works great for the PDF files that are entirely made of images. Usually it works great on the PDF files created by scanning pages of a book.

You can download Free Compress PDF from