Nvidia Broadcast : AI Powered Live-Streaming Software

As times change, the demands of the users change. A few decades ago, webcams were used mostly for chatting online through apps like Skype or their predecessors. But now people are using high-definition webcams for live-streaming and broadcasting over Twitch or YouTube. With the changing demands, hardware manufacturers are also coming up with new hardware and software. Nvidia has released a new AI powered broadcasting software that claims to turn any ordinary room into a home studio.

Moderate system requirements

Because it is powered by the AI, it does not have special webcam or microphone requirements. It can produce really high quality output from any standard webcam and microphone. However, the computer must have a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU (it has to be RTX) and an Intel Core i5 CPU.

Powered by AI

If you are thinking how is this different from any other broadcasting setup, then the difference is the smart AI involved. With the power of AI, it can remove noise from the microphone, it can remove the echo from the room, it can add virtual backgrounds, it can remove noise from the video and change the webcam video stream frames. It can also add real-time effects to your video and audio streams.

Nvidia Broadcast

Wide support for broadcasting software

As mentioned before, Nvidia Broadcast works really well with almost all kinds of standard webcams and microphones from well known device manufacturers like Logitech, Razer, AverMedia, Bose, Asus etc. But it also supports almost all the broadcasting software that are popular. It supports OBS Studio, Discord, Twitch Studio, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Streamlabs and more. The Nvidia Broadcast website even gives instructions for using Nvidia Broadcast on all of these supported apps.

Easy to use

If your computer satisfies all the hardware requirements, then you can simply download the Nvidia Broadcast software and install it. It creates a virtual webcam and virtual microphone on your computer.  Whenever you live-stream, you can choose these virtual webcam and microphone in the broadcasting apps. The effects and other settings for Nvidia Broadcast can be controlled from Nvidia Broadcast app settings.

You can download Nvidia Broadcast from https://www.nvidia.com/broadcast-app.