Owl Software Launcher Gives Quick Access to Programs

All Windows users have some programs that they use very often. For example, I myself use Notepad++, Mozilla Firefox and Sumatra PDF very often. It is almost everyday that I click on the Start button to find the shortcut to these programs and then launch them. A much better approach is to create a shortcut to these programs on the Desktop itself. But if you have more than a dozen of such frequently used programs then you can use an app launcher like Owl Software Launcher.

This launcher software is a portable application and works on all version of Windows without any installation. The downloaded ZIP file has both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the program. The program stores all the programs that are added to the launcher from a configuration file. When we first launch Owl Launcher, it creates an empty configuration file. We can manually edit this configuration file using Notepad or Notepad++.

In the configuration, we have to add program name, the full path of the program, the program parameters and the directory from which it is being launched. The path name should not be enclosed inside double quotation marks. In the free version, you can add only three programs only. In the paid version, you can add as many as 255 programs.

Owl Software Launcher

The Owl Launcher has a background image named “background.png” too which is displayed in the background. You can edit it using any image editor like Microsoft Paint. You can add your logo or any kind of text in this image. You can replace this image with any PNG image with the resolution 480×320 pixels.

The program comes with a PDF file that explains everything about the Owl Launcher. In this PDF file you can find instructions about how to edit the configuration file and how to edit the background image.

You can download Owl Software Launcher https://www.tearsinrain.it/owl-software/international/launcher.php.