RAM Idle : Clean, Optimize and Free RAM on Windows

The amount of installed RAM with which modern computers are coming is pretty impressive. Today if you check Amazon for the latest laptops, then 8 GB is considered the minimum RAM for the Windows computers. And some of these laptops can easily be upgraded to have much more RAM. Considering the plummeting prices of the RAM modules, it should not be concern to have a small amount of RAM on a modern Windows PC. And it is very easy to find the compatible RAM modules from online stores like Kingston and Crucial.

However, if you are using a computer that does not allow RAM upgrades and you want to stretch your existing RAM to the max, then you can try RAM Idle software. It keeps a close watch on the total system memory usage and frees up the unused RAM regularly.

RAM Idle displays the total amount of installed RAM on your system. You can set a target for freeing up the RAM – when the total used RAM reaches this threshold, it immediately frees up any RAM held by dormant or background programs. There is also a limit to be set for the minimal amount of RAM that it must keep free.

RAM Idle

In the options for RAM Idle, you can choose to monitor the CPU usage as well. CPU usage monitoring is necessary because if it starts to free the RAM when CPU is busy, then it might cause a system freeze. Among some other options, you can set it to clear the clipboard contents whenever the RAM is freed. Clearing the clipboard might cause something important to be lost so this option should be set carefully. It can also play a sound whenever it clears the system RAM.

RAM Idle

RAM Idle is a useful program for the computers that have a small amount of RAM installed. It should be used only when you cannot upgrade your system RAM or want to focus on an application that is demanding more memory resources from the system.

You can download RAM Idle from https://www.tweaknow.com/RAMIdle.php.