EF System Monitor : View System Information in Real-time

In the middle of using your Windows PC, sometimes you feel like a program has used a lot of system resources. This is when you open Task Manager and check for the system performance parameters. Similarly, if you have to find out the current IP address for your PC, you might have to visit a website like whatismyip.com. But if you are using a system monitoring software called EF System Monitor, then all of this information is always in front of you.

EF System Monitor is a small but very useful tool designed to monitor the resources used by our Windows computer. It appears in form of a floating window or widget on the computer screen. In this small window, we can view all the information related to our Windows PC.

In the initial window configuration, it displays the currently logged in user, CPU usage, computer name, Windows uptime (for how long your PC has been running), system date, system time, RAM usage and the page file size. But we can easily add many more parameters to be monitored.

EF System Monitor

In order to add more items to be displayed in the small window of EF System Monitor, we can right-click on its window and choose to add new items from the right-click menu. We can add user name, computer name, IP address, CPU usage, drive monitor, physical memory, page file, virtual memory, system date, system time, system date and time, Windows uptime, Windows version, and other advanced functions.

If we choose to add advanced counters, then it opens another window with more than 300 different items that can be monitored. These items include everything related to the physical hardware (such as GPU), networking, memory to the software features.

EF System Monitor

EF System Monitor can be easily customized to look a little different. It allows us to change the font used for displaying the information. We can arrange the information counters horizontally or vertically. And we can force the dark mode display for the EF System Monitor window.

You can download EF System Monitor from https://www.efsoftware.com/sm/e.htm.