Redo Rescue : Free Backup and Recovery Software

Redo Rescue is a free backup and recovery software which works on all types of desktop computers. It is available in form of a rescue CD image ISO file. It fits on any standard blank CD media. But we can also use Rufus to create a bootable USB flash drive for Redo Rescue.

It is an easy-to-use tool for backing up and restoring data on your hard drives. Since it is available as a bootable rescue disk, we can use it restore the data even on computers that have corrupt file systems and are unable to boot.

Redo Rescue uses Linux as the base operating system and can detect all the common file systems including exFAT, NTFS and HPFS.  After you have created a bootable USB drive or rescue CD for Redo Rescue, you can boot into your PC using it. For this, you have to press F12 and choose the rescue disk from the list of boot media options.

The user interface of Redo Rescue is very easy to follow. It takes you from one step to another for both the backup and the recovery. Basically we can choose the partitions on the connected hard drives or solid state drives that we wish to backup. In the next step, we have to choose a destination for storing the backup. The destination can be a secondary drive, a network drive or an FTP server. In the next steps, it will create the backups.

Redo Rescue

Similarly, when you want to restore from a backup, you have to choose the source drive where the backups are stored. Then you have to select the destination partition and the rest is handled by the Redo Rescue software.

In addition, it can also perform the free space analysis and partitioning of hard drives on your computer. We can select a brand new hard disk drive and then create new partitions on it. As you can expect, it supports exFAT, NTFS and HPFS partitions.

You can download Redo Rescue from or from its Sourceforge page