Video Looper : Make Looping Videos with Background Audio

These days short videos are very popular on all the video streaming sites like YouTube. Whether you are making short videos using your smartphone camera or joining a few video clips together, you can make viral videos by adding a little bit of looping. A looping video is when the same video content is played over and over again for a few times. These loops are great for dance videos or comedy videos.

If you also want to make looping videos then you can use a freeware application called Video Looper. This software works on all versions of Windows. It makes use of the open-source FFmpeg project that produces very high quality output videos. Since FFmpeg supports a large number of video file formats and audio formats, you can use almost all kinds of source videos with Video Looper.

The user interface of Video Looper offers all the options in just a single window. We have to begin by adding a video file. After this, you have to choose the video looping options – loop duration, loop to fit the background audio duration, or number of loop times. You can also choose the video volume level in terms of the percentage.

Video Looper

We can add a different background audio for the resulting video file. We can choose an audio file to be used as the background audio file and set its volume level separately. Furthermore, we can also choose to mute the video altogether and remove all the sound.

Finally, we can choose an output folder and click on the Loop Video button near the top of the window. This will process the video file, apply the background audio and then save the resulting video file. The resulting video file has _looped added to the filename.

You can download Video Looper from