Znote : Advanced Note Taking Application for Windows

Znote is a completely free note taking application. It can also be used to save text snippets including source codes. Additionally it is also a great organizer for experimenting with JavaScript code.

Znote is also a text editor which comes with automatic save feature. Whatever you type in it, the draft is automaticall saved without having to save the notes to a file. It has a very intuitive and modern user interface. The program supports Markdown text and JavaScript.

Znote will allow us to use modern JS syntax and customize code suggestions, as well as explore arbitrary datasets and create various diagrams. The program supports the color coded syntax for almost all the programming languages. It can be toggled between the dark theme and light theme.

In Znote, we instantly create notes that are automatically saved as a draft. But if you are still worried about the data loss of your notes, then it also offers Cloud storage support. You can save your notes on the cloud and sync them with all the computers on which you have installed Znote.


Znote supports syntax of multiple programming languages and it can automatically correct the source code syntax as you type it. The beautifully formatted source code can be exported to other files.

If you are planning to store some sensitive personal information on Znote, then it offers a security feature for protection. You can password protect your notes. Your notes are encrypted and decrypted with the use of a password. This feature can be used not only for the notes inside Znote, but also for the local text files.

While Znote is a note taking and snippet saving application, its main emphasis on playing around with the JavaScript code. You can keep a whole collection of useful JavaScript code snippets at hand using Znote.

You can download Znote from https://znote.io/.