Universal x86 Tuning Utility for AMD and Intel CPUs

Intel has recently launched a new CPU Intel Core i9 13900KS which is able to give 6 GHz without any overclocking. Imagine the kinds of speed we can get from it when it is actually overclocked. For getting the most out of your desktop computer’s processors you can use third-party tools like Universal x86 Tuning Utility.

It is an open-source tool to tune up your computer’s processors. In the past, it was designed to work only with AMD Ryzen series of processors, but the newer versions of this tool also support the Intel CPUs of 4th generation and above. In the past this same tool was known as AMD APU Tuning Utility.

It takes full advantage of the capabilities of the Ryzen or Intel series of processors. You might even be surprised to find out some of the features that your computer’s features. In the Universal x86 Tuning Utility, we can adjust or toggle various graphics card settings. These features could range from changing the clock frequency, cores and threads, to memory speed or power consumption.

Universal x86 Tuning Utility

In the user interface of this utility, we find different features to be set under different tabs. As soon as we launch the program, it shows the detected processor whether Intel or AMD. We can then go to the temperature section where we can set the maximum temperature limit for the CPU cores among other things.

After selecting the appropriate graphics card model, we will receive a list of changes preferred by the program author. It must be mentioned that all the settings  can be saved to a preset file and shared with others. We can also download these presets meant for the same model of the CPU as used by the other users. It should also be noticed that  it offers ready-made settings for each available model of the graphics system.

You can download Universal x86 Tuning Utility from https://github.com/JamesCJ60/Universal-x86-Tuning-Utility.