Active@ UNFORMAT: Recover Data from Formatted Drives

There are so many different ways that people can lose their important data stored in various data storage devices. For example, you can accidentally delete some files by mistake or overwrite some files only to realize your mistake just moment later. Similarly, sometimes we accidentally format a drive which ends up in losing all the data stored on that drive.

This usually happens when we are trying to install an operating system or creating a bootable drive for installing another operating system. In this process, if you accidentally type the FORMAT command for the wrong drive letter, then you lose all the data on the wrong drive unintentionally.

With the help of a special tool called Active@ UNFORMAT, we can attempt to recover the data that we lost as a result of many different scenarios including the FORMAT command. In addition to address the data loss due to the formatting of the drives, it can also help you recover data due to other reasons. It can recover deleted files from a disk or restore deleted or damaged partitions and volumes.


The user intrface Active@ UNFORMAT shows a list of all the detected logical drives. If you attach a new drive to your PC, it refreshes the list automatically to include it. You have to select the target logical drives, physical drives or partitions and then click on the next button.

It will scan the target drive and show you a running progress information window where you can see which drives or partitions it has detected. It supports all kinds of memory devices and file systems.

After the scanning is complete, you can choose the partitions that it has found on the selected drive and choose to export the data on another drive. Typically, it creates a folder “UNFORMAT” and copies all the data there on the destination drive.

You can download Active UNFORMAT from