GDevelop : No Coding App for Creating Games

Everyone loves to play games on their mobile phones. But sometimes we also think about creating a new game ourselves. Many of us quickly brush away these thoughts thinking that it would require learning about game development and a lot of coding. But with the help of GDevelop anyone can create new games for the mobile phones and publish them on Google Play store or Apple App store.

GDevelop is a cross-platform game development engine for creating 2D games. The best part is that it does not require any knowledge of coding of any kind. It has a unique user interface that looks like a video editing software. You can drag-n-drop characters, platforms, behaviors, actions and other objects.

GDevelop allows the users to make unique games using something called the behavioral definition system. It is a powerful way to express logic in our game, without having to learn a programming language. However, we cannot create 3D games using GDevelop. We can create only 2D games with its help.


The games created by GDevelop can be run on almost any of the platforms – desktop computers, inside web browsers, on Android or iOS mobile devices and more. Using GDevelop, we can create many different genres of games such as platformers, strategies, shooters or even puzzles.

We can publish the games created by us as a mobile application for iOS and Android, and even on Steam, Facebook Gaming,, Newgrounds or Microsoft Store.

On the GDevelop website, we can find a number of tutorials to help is get started using GDevelop. We can experiment with the GDevelop from right inside the web browser. They also have many video tutorials available on their YouTube channel. The app itself comes with many different examples to help you understand how it works.

You can download GDevelop from