Artvee: Download High Quality Works of Famous Artists

If you want to have a close look at the beautiful paintings made by some of the very famous artists in the world, then perhaps you will go to Louvre in Paris, France. Not all of the painting are displayed there, so you might have to visit some other museums. In addition, some of the painting are also kept in private collections.

But instead of visiting all these museums or buying cheap copies of the original paintings, you can download very high resolution copies of the originals works from Artvee. It is a website that hosts thousands and thousands of paintings from both the classical and modern artists. All of the paintings available on Artvee are in public domain.

Artvee can be called a search engine of all kinds of popular artists and their works. We can search for an artist by name such as Botticelli, we can search for a popular painting such as Mona Lisa, we can also search a painting by a keyword such as flowers.


On the Artvee website, we can browse the catalog based on the categories such as abstract, figurative, surrealist, illustration, posters, pop arts, drawings, landscapes, still life, animals, expressionism and more. We can also browser the catalog in two broad categories – classical works and modern works of art.

You can click on any of these paintings and it will show you many options for download. We can download the high-resolution copies of the paintings in many different formats. Most of these paintings are available in the JPEG image file format.  For each of the paintings it shows the full description, the title and the year in which it was completed. It also shows the artist and you can also see all the other paintings by the same artist.

If you love art (who doesn’t?) then you are definitely going to love Artvee. It is of great interest for the students of fine arts as well.

You can browse the classical or modern works by famous artists by visiting Artvee at