Microsoft PC Manager : Boost Performance of Windows PC

Microsoft has finally created an app called “Microsoft PC Manager” that can do all the things for which Windows users have been using third-party applications like CCleaner or Clean Master. Using this one app we can clean the junk files, disable unwanted applications from automatic startup, improve the overall system performance, automatically update the device drivers and scan your PC for malware.

Microsoft PC Manager is very easy to use and integrates well into the user interface of Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is available in beta version right now, but it is expected to have the final release somewhere in 2023. During the installation, it downloads more files from the internet and completes the installation. Because it is still in the beta version, it might fail during the installation and might fail working even after a successful installation.

Microsoft PC Manager

When launched, it analyses your system and displays the status. In its small window, we can see the RAM usage and the number of temporary files on the hard disk drive. We can click on the Boost button to instantly free up the RAM and clean the temporary files.

In its window we can find four different sections – health checkup, storage management, process management, and the startup apps. In the health checkup section, we can check for threats, viruses, system problems and other issues. In the storage management section, we can manage large files, manage apps, perform a deep cleanup, and auto-clean the temporary files.

Microsoft PC Manager

In addition to these it also comes with a high quality antivirus and update checker module. We can check the security of the various web browsers and whether the system has been updated properly.

Microsoft PC Manager works on all the Windows computers running Windows 10 (1809) or higher. With this small tool, we can make the computers safer, cleaner and also boost their performance.

You can download Microsoft PC Manager from