Bell Scheduling Program: Jabat Automatic School Bell

More than half a century ago, the school bell was basically an electric bell that the principal had to ring when the school opened, when the lunch break was announced and when it was closed. There were also schools where they didn’t even have electric bells and everything was done by hand.

But over the past many years, technology has become very advanced. Now schools do not have a real metal bell but sounds of bell are played through the computers connected to the large speakers over the PA system (public address system). After installing a bell software like “Jabat Automatic School Bell”, you can forget about the time when the bells are to be rung. The software will automatically ring the bells periodically at the correct times.

This software is strictly designed for the schools and other educations institutions where a bell is used to indicate the start and end of classes. You can try it on any Windows computer, but the real purpose of this software is only for the computers connected to the PA systems.

Jabat Automatic School Bell

After installing the software, you have to enter the basic details about your school. You have to enter the school name, school address, phone number, email address, and the school website address. After this you can move on to the schedule section and create a schedule plan for playing the bell sounds.

The software allows customization of the sounds played for the bell as well as the notification displayed. You can choose a different type of the bell sound to indicate the activity that is going to begin. The use of the proper sounds is entirely up to the user. It can be used to ring the bells for the start of daily classes, for start of the exams and for start of the lunch period or recess.

You can download Jabat Automatic School Bell software from