Create Collages with Batch Image Combiner

Batch Image Combiner is a Windows application that can be used to combine multiple images in a line like formulation. You can arrange the images vertically or horizontally but not both. Using this program we can get a larger image containing the other images placed inside it horizontally or vertically. It is really useful if you want to create an image containing your passport size photos, which can later be printed off a color printer.

Batch Image Combiner is available as a portable program and does not require any installation. As we launch it, we are shown that we can drag-n-drop the images or photos on its window in order to add them to the list. Alternatively, we can also click on the “Add” button and select the image files from the local hard drive. It supports many different image file formats as the source images.

Once you have added all the source images to the list, you can arrange them in the proper order using the move-up and move-down buttons in the toolbar. If you want to remove an image then there is an option to remove the selected images.

Batch Image Combiner

You can choose the arrangement as horizontal or vertical. If you choose to have a custom arrangement then you have to enter how many number of images are to be used in a row, the output image file format (PNG or JPG) and the background color of the images. After this we can save the joined final image by clicking on the “Start Now” button.  By default, it saves the created image in a folder “C:\Output” but we can change this destination folder as well.

We tried the portable version of Batch Image Combiner on Windows 11 and it worked flawlessly. It did not overload the system resources and generated high quality images in seconds.

You can download Batch Image Combiner from