BUtil : Open-Source Backup Tool for Windows

In the modern times, backups have become necessary for everyone who uses a Windows PC. By creating the backups of our files, we can prepare for the situations such as malware infections, ransomware take overs, hardware failures, hard disk drive errors, system problems and more.

BUtil is an open-source software that offers encrypted backup and restore features. It is designed using Microsoft .NET version 7.0 and works flawlessly on Windows 11. During the installation, it will download .NET 7.0 for your PC if it is not already installed. It has a very simple appearance and the users are provided with a wizard like user interface. The simple user interface makes working with this backup tool very easy.

In the BUtil window, you have to create various tasks for backups. For each of the backups, you have to provide the title, you have to specify the files or folders, you have to choose a frequency (when the backup task is run), you have to choose a destination folder where the backups are copied, you have to decide whether the backup is going to be incremental or differential, you have to specify a password for encryption, and more.


You can create as many  backup tasks as you want. These tasks are scheduled to be run automatically at the pre-specified time and day. The encryption for the backups is done using 7-Zip which uses AES-256 cipher for a very strong level of encryption. 7-Zip is also used for a good level of compression for the backups being created. If you choose to encrypt your backups, then it is going to take a longer time for the tasks to complete.


BUtil is a very powerful backup software. Even though there are many backup tools available, BUtil offers perhaps the simplest user interface. We can specify a remote machine for the backup destination as well as the external hard disk drives.

You can download BUtil from https://github.com/drweb86/butil.