Earthquakes Today: Monitor Earthquakes Around the World

The recent earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria has once again raised the concerns about being more informative about this natural calamity. In places where earthquakes are very common such as Japan and the California state in the US, people are often educated about earthquakes. This includes some basic information about the earthquakes, what to do during an earthquake, how to prepare for them and who to contact.

If you also want to be informed about the earthquakes as they hit many different places in the world, then you can use the “Earthquakes Today” extension for the Google Chrome web browser. Once installed, this extension replaces the new tab page in the Chrome browser. So now when you launch Chrome or open a new tab, it will show you the list of the latest earthquakes that have occurred in the world. You can also check the places known for high seismic activity such as Tokyo, California, Mexico, Jakarta etc.

Earthquakes Today

For each of the earthquakes, it shows the time, date, location and the magnitude. When you click on any of these earthquakes, it shows the exact location of the earthquake’s epicenter on OpenStreetMap. You can zoom-in or zoom-out by using the mouse-wheel up or down actions on these maps. It also shows the power generators and hospitals near the earthquake locations so that you can find where to go or whom to contact.

Earthquakes Today

While Earthquakes Today can give you some information about the recent earthquakes, it does not offer any contact information in the case of emergencies. You should either contact the emergency numbers for you local government or use Google to find such numbers. It is also a good idea to learn about some basic training for emergency situations from trustworthy organizations like FEMA.

You can download the Earthquakes Today extension for the Google Chrome web browser from