Make Android Look Like Windows 11 with Win 11 Launcher

There are hundreds if not thousands of launchers available for Android smartphones. These launchers allow us to easily access all the apps installed and also display the home screen. Usually Android phones either come with the vanilla launchers or the customized launchers from the manufacturers. Using the third part launcher apps, we can make the Android phones look more elegant or modern. There is a new launcher called “Win 11 Launcher” using which we can make any Android phone have the Windows 11 desktop look-alike interface.

As soon as the launcher is installed and run on an Android phone, it displays the familiar Windows 11 style home screen complete with a taskbar and the notification area icons. If you launch a new app, it is displayed in this taskbar. As you can guess, this “Win 11 Launcher” looks better if you have a larger screen mobile device such as a tablet. After all, Windows 11 desktop was not designed for very small screens.

Windows 11 Launcher for Android

If you rotate the Android smartphone screen horizontally, then it appears to be more like the Windows 11 desktop. You can tap on the desktop background and it will show the context-menu just like on Windows. From this menu, you can create a folder, change the wallpapers, add widgets, add desktop icons and more.

From the taskbar, you can open the start menu, the web browser, the phone dialing app and the text messages app. This launcher offers almost two dozen features that mimic Windows 11 desktop. We can safely say that it appears to be working in the same manner too. There are shortcuts to various apps on the desktop too.

Windows 11 Launcher for Android

“Win 11 Launcher” is obviously not going to turn your Android smartphone into a Windows phone, but it comes close as far as the appearance is concerned.

You can download Win 11 Launcher for Android from