How to Check the Screen Refresh Rate of Any Device

Whether it is your large screen gaming computer or a small notebook computer, they all come with a screen and a the screens have something called screen refresh rate. The refresh rate of a screen refers to how fast it is able to redraw an image on the screen. The refresh rate is measured in terms of Hz (Hertz) which is the number of times an image is drawn in just one second.

A standard screen usually has a screen refresh rate of 60 Hz, that is, it is able to draw the images (data coming from the graphics card) on the screen 60 times in a second. The higher the screen refresh rate, the smoother is the display. This is why many of the gaming computers are coming with 90Hz or 120 Hz screens these days.

So the natural question that comes to mind is how to find the screen refresh rate for your screen? What is the screen refresh rate of my Windows PC? What is the screen refresh rate of my Android smartphone? Well there are two easy methods using which you can quickly find out the screen refresh rate:

UFO Test: Refresh Rate Checker

Using a website called UFO Test’s Refresh Rate Checker module, we can instantly find the screen refresh rate of any device. It works best with the Google Chrome web browser and almost always fails with Firefox. All you have to do is launch Google Chrome web browser and navigate to It will show you the screen refresh rate in Hz in just a few seconds. It works on desktop, laptop and mobile phones.

Screen Refresh Rate Checker

Vsync Synchronization Tester

It is another web app just like the previously mentioned UFO test. The purpose of this web app is not mainly to find the screen refresh rate but to check the vsync rate. Vsync is important as it syncs the game or application frame rate to the screen refresh rate. Without a proper vsync, the screen appears torn or glitched. However it displays the screen refresh rate too. You can access this test from

Screen Refresh Rate Checker

There are many other methods to find the screen refresh rate too, however the above-mentioned methods do not require any programs to be installed or to open any system settings.