ObjectPrint: Manage Printing Tasks and Track Printing Costs

One of the problems of having a number of printers installed in an office is that everyone keeps printing more than necessary. Some employees also print their own personal materials at the expense of the employer. With unrestricted excessive printing at work, we end up paying for more paper and the ink than it is needed.

If you are worried about these unwanted costs of printing materials, then you can try ObjectPrint. It is a software that can manage the printing tasks, track the costs of materials used in the printing and restrict the users from using the printers. The dashboard of the ObjectPrint allows for easy management of all the printing paper, ink, toner, and other things. If we add the cost of per paper sheet, then it can also show how much money has been used in printing at a certain time every month.


The program can be installed on any computer on the local area network of an organization. Then it can be configured to keep track of all the printing jobs performed by individual users accessing the printers anywhere on the same network. It also allows you to impose limits on the use of paper and ink. We can access the user interface of ObjectPrint through any web browser. There are no limits to the number of supported printers, users and computers.

The way it works is that all the printing tasks are sent through ObjectPrint instead of directly sending them to the connected printers. There are many options that allows disabling of color inks or printing in the duplex mode to maximize the paper sheets. It keeps tracks of all the printing activity, controls all the printing activities with quotas and limits, and shows advanced reporting in form of charts and graphs. The free version offers limited functionality.

You can download ObjectPrint from https://fitosoft.com/.