Keep Me Out : Lock Your Phone to Relax or Study

As technology has become more advanced, it has also become more distracting. About a hundred years ago, telephone was the only way you could have possibly been disturbed by someone during your studies. But now, a smartphone has dozens of social networking apps and they keep popping messages one after another. Your friends are emailing you, sending you photos over Instagram and then your parents send you a text message. You cannot just sit still and focus on your studies.

If you are also annoyed by your smartphone keeping you distracted all the time, then you can seek help from an app called “Keep Me Out”. This is an Android app that can lock your phone for a specified period of time so that you can relax, study or focus on your work. It is similar to taking the old telephone receiver off the hook to prevent anyone from calling you.

“Keep Me Out” user interface shows two analog dials which are used to select the time duration for which the phone is to be locked. The first dial is used to select the number of hours for which it is to be locked. The second dial is for choosing the number of minutes for which the phone is going to be locked. After this, you have to just tap on the Lock button and it will lock the phone for the selected duration.

Keep Me Out

Other than the manual locking, “Keep Me Out” also offers automatic locking through a scheduler. We can scheduling the locking of the phone using the scheduler. We can choose the start time and the end time for the period and then choose the weekdays on which this locking is to be done. We can also choose a label name and save the scheduled lock for our use.

All in all, “Keep Me Out” is a very useful app that can help us get some relief from the constant stream of messages coming from various sources. It is a productive app for students, professionals and everyone who wants to take a short break from the smartphone’s distractions.

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