Nicepage : Professional Website Building Software

The days of using plain-text HTML code editors for designing professional websites are long gone. These days professionals use software like Nicepage using which can they put together a stunning website in a very short time. Nicepage is a web designing software for the professionals and offers thousands of breathtaking templates to get you started on a project.

Using Nicepage does not require any knowledge of web technologies or coding to design a website. But this does not mean that you have no access to the code – you can still modify the underlying code as and when you desire. But managing the underlying code of a website on its own gives the designer more time to think about the graphical design and aesthetics of the website. .

Nicepage makes it so easy to design a website, you feel like you are using a graphics editor. In Nicepage, we can create pages using the popular drag-n-drop method. We can drag-n-drop pictures, text snippets and more on a webpage. We can also use the tools to add, edit and modify the appearance of the page without any coding knowledge. Later we can change the properties of added elements easily and change their format.

We can use text, images, hyperlinks, grids, galleries and dozens of other elements without knowing the programming code. We can easily insert multimedia materials such as videos from Vimeo, Rumble or Dailymotion


Nicepage also offers some special features like adding automatic translation. This way, we can give the user some possibility of automatic translation of the website being created into many other languages.

This really useful web designing software supports popular content management software like WordPress and Joomla. However the free version has some limitations. WordPress and Joomla are allowed only in the paid pro edition of  Nicepage.

You can download Nicepage from