Pixelz AI Uses AI to Generator Interesting Pictures

These days OpenAI’s chat bot called ChatGPT is crossing all the charts in popularity. Microsoft and Alphabet’s chatbots are also announced. Bing AI is already available through a waiting list. But these are not the only AI models available to the common user.

There are some other AI tools that can generate beautiful works of art such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney. Using these tools, we can simply describe the picture that we want and the rest of the work is done by the AI itself. There is another similar tool called Pixelz AI which is able to produce creative works of art in various ways.

It is a web app and can be used through any modern web browser such as Google Chrome. We can generate the image using the same criteria but with different seeds and algorithms. However, it takes unusually long time to finish creating images.

Pixelz AI

With this web app, you have various options for creating images. You can create cool avatars in a variety of styles by uploading at least six portrait photos. There is also the classic text-to-image mode, in which you create a work of art from describing the desired picture in simple English text. For example, you can write “Astronaut riding a horse” and it will generate that image just through this text.

You can also use image-to-image mode which turns a regular photo into a great looking painting. The AI uses machine learning to mimic great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci. You can also use the paint tool to paint a template for the AI ​​- by entering additional text, the algorithm can then generate your image.

Pixelz AI

Pixelz AI is not free and requires that you create an account in order to use it. You are given 15 credits in the beginning and you can purchase more credits for later use. If your credits fall below 10, then it gives you 10 credits for that day. These credits are used when you generate every single picture through the power of the AI.

You can start using Pixelz AI by visiting https://app.pixelz.ai/.