ChatGPT Desktop App : ChatGPT for Windows, Mac & Linux

ChatGPT has become an instant hit as an AI based chatbot. I first heard about ChatGPT on NPR two months ago. I immediately created a free account for using ChatGPT and have been using this bot almost everyday just out of curiosity. I have asked it all sorts of questions and it gives very detailed answers.

Primary method of accessing ChatGPT is through their web site located at This can be done through any modern day web browser such as Chrome. But if you want a dedicated desktop app for ChatGPT, then there is one available for various desktop platforms.

ChatGPT for Desktop app is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. The app asks you to login to your OpenAI account and then shows the familiar ChatGPT prompt. We can start using the AI bot right away. According to the developer of this app, it is just a wrapper for the ChatGPT website and no data is transferred to any third-party. As such there is no difference between the user interface of ChatGPT on its website and in this desktop app.

ChatGPT Desktop App

In the desktop app for ChatGPT, we can export the chat history to various kinds of files – PNG images, PDF documents and Markdown files. This feature is useful if you get some very interesting replies from the ChatGPT AI bot and want to save them for later use. You can also share the replies from ChatGPT by sharing the PNG images over various social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

ChatGPT Desktop App

ChatGPT desktop app keeps running in the background and places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. You can double-click on this system tray icon to bring its window up and start using it. You can also set a custom global key which can be used to bring it up anytime the user wants.

You can download ChatGPT desktop app from