Plexamp : Small but Powerful Music Player

Plexamp is a music player application that works across many platforms. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. It is also available for Raspberry Pi. It works in conjunction with the another Plex product called Plex Media Server. Furthermore, you have to purchase a subscription to PlexPass which is the second Plex product it depends on.

In order to use Plexamp, you begin by installing Plexamp on your devices. The Plexamp app is available for a number of platforms therefore it covers all the devices that you might have. Your device must be connected to the internet for it to work because it needs to access the Plex Media Server.

At the second step, you have to buy a subscription to PlexPass without which this app cannot be used. The PlexPass subscription is available from The same pass can be used to access other Plex services such as watching movies, watching TV shows and other online streaming services.


Once you have created a PlexPass account and bought a subscription, you can launch Plexamp and login using your PlexPass credentials. It will open a user interface which is not much different from that of Spotify. You can browse, catalog and listen to various music tracks. Its functionality is similar to the popular Spotify app. You can also download the content for offline use albeit it is encrypted.

Even though Plexamp offers a good music experience, competition with Spotify is going to be very hard as Plexamp does not offer any free listening. On the other hand Spotify offers free listening with ads being played in the middle. Not many users would like to switch from Spotify to Plexamp because of this. However, it stays a good option and users can make their own decision.

You can download Plexamp from