EaseFilter File Protection Application for Windows

EaseFilter File Protection is a set of software development kits that allow a software developer to create applications related to system security. They offer many different type of kits such as file encryption, file monitoring, file access control, process filer control and the registry filter control.

Even though these SDK are targeted towards the software developers and security companies who would want a already designed module to be incorporated in their software products, they also offer a sample application that uses these SDK. We can use this application for testing the features and capabilities of the SDK being offered.

In the application package downloaded, we can find the demo source code for C++ and C# programming languages. This source code can be found inside the “demo_source_code” folder. There are Visual Studio project files which can be opened using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2017. Of course newer versions of Visual Studio can convert and open them for you too.

EaseFilter File Protection

The package also comes with documentation in the PDF format and also in the Microsoft Word format. These documents describe the basic nature of the SDK, their capabilities and how to use them in your own applications. We can even order the printed manuals for these SDK components.

EaseFilter File Protection SDK is not meant for the everyday Windows user. This is meant only for the security software developers and they should benefit greatly from using these components in their apps. It is a comprehensive file protection SDK that can be used to track file modifications, control file access in real time, prevent your sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized users or processes. Such an SDK has good use in developing the anti-ransomware applications as we can keep a close watch on file changes.

You can download EaseFilter File Protection from https://www.easefilter.com/.