Record Voice on Android with Philips Voice Recorder

These days many people have started their own YouTube channels where they publish interview videos. One way to record such interviews is by recording the video and additionally record the audio separately using different apps. This way, even if you miss the audio in the video, you can still capture the audio using the app such as the Philips Voice Recorder.

The Android app “Philips Voice Recorder” is a great recording app which offers both the functionality and the simplicity. Instead of carrying an additional microphone and audio recorder, you can record the voice using your Android smartphone. In addition to recording the voice, it also allows editing, cutting, pasting, joining, clipping, and sending the recorded audio.

The interface of the Philips Voice Recorder is designed for comfortable use in both the normal mode and in the car driving mode. We can operate the app without any confusion and without much attention. The app is always ready to record your or other people’s voice so that you can use your time efficiently.

Philips Voice Recorder

The app also installs a widget which can be added to the home-screen of your smartphone. Using this widget, we can record the voice from the home-screen without actually launching the app. The app has a special car mode which can be used when you are driving somewhere.

Metadata is appended to all the recorded audio files so that we can add the author, the topic and more. All of these recordings are saved as WAV files. We can send these recordings to anyone through the common “share the file” function.

If a dictation is urgent then you can enable the “urgent” button which will mark that dictation to be urgent for your secretary. This way more important memos are flagged and can be processed earlier.

You can get the Philips Voice Recorder for Android from