Share Internet Over WiFi Using Omnify Hotspot

So if you have a Windows PC with a wired internet connection and want to share the internet connection with someone else, how would you do it? It is easy to share your wired internet connection if your Windows PC has a WiFi adapter. We can use a free software called Omnify Hotspot to create an ad-hoc WiFi hotspot using which anyone can access the internet available from your PC.

The very first requirement for this to work is that your PC  (to which the wired internet connection is attached) must have some sort of WiFi adapter. It can be a WiFi card present on the motherboard itself, it can be a PCI-e WiFi adapter, or it can be a USB WiFi adapter. Once this requirement is complete and you have installed all the proper drivers for it to work on Windows, you can go ahead and install Omnify Hotspot.

Omnify Hotspot

In the Omnify Hotspot user interface, we have to select which of the network interfaces we are going to share the internet connection from. For a wired connection it is usually the Ethernet network interface. After this, we have to choose the hotspot SSID. In the free version of Omnify Hotspot, the SSID always has “Omnify Hotspot” prefixed and we can add a few words after this. You can choose the password for accessing the WiFi hotspot. After this we can click on the “Start Hotspot” button and it will create a WiFi network for everyone to use.

In the free version, there are many limitations. For example, the SSID cannot be modified, we cannot use the bridge mode, we cannot enable the firewall, we cannot share all types of connections and we cannot create the profiles. But the free version has no other network related limitations.

You can download Omnify Hotspot from