SmartFix : Repair the Malware Infected Computers

When a computer is infected with malware, some people simply format their hard drives and reinstall Windows all over again. But not many people can afford to go through this painful process again. What professionals do is that they use some really smart tools to repair the damage done by the malware. SmartFix is one of such tools that can be used to scan an infected computer, remove the malware and restore it back to the working state again.

SmartFix is a tool not really meant for the ordinary Windows users. It should be used only by the administrators or security professionals. It is a portable program that does not require any sort of installation because you are going to use it on malware infested computers.

When we launch SmartFix, it shows a very small window. In this window, we can choose the option to integrate SmartFix into the system recover environment, perform full recovery of the network settings & restart the computer, or run some of the well known security related tools. These tools include Sysinternals AutoRuns, AdwCleaner, ESET Online Scanner, and WinRepair. All of these programs are downloaded from the internet and launched when they have been downloaded.


If you choose the first option (integration with system recovery), then it will appear in the menu for system recovery. When you reboot Windows in the system recovery environment, SmartFix will reset the system and give you options to run various tools to scan and fix the system. Here you fix all problems, repairs damaged files and remove viruses from them.

SmartFix can be used on any computer running on Windows XP and above (according to the developer). But if you are still using Windows XP, then you might need to pay attention about upgrading your system or invest in a new computer more than anything else.

You can download SmartFix from