Connection Quality Monitor: Is Your Network Connection Good?

So many times we complain to the ISP about very slow download speeds only to hear a reply, “But it is working perfectly alright on our end.” Only if we had some evidence to show them – a chart of how fast or slow the connection was at what time throughout a day. A software called Connection Quality Monitor does exactly that. It monitors your active internet connection and logs all the details about it. It presents these details in form of a chart.

In the Connection Quality Monitor window we can add more computers if we know their remote access login credentials. During the installation it installs a service which monitors the overall health of your internet connection. It periodically checks whether the connection is actually online or your have gone offline.

In addition, it also pings online servers and records the ping time, jitter and downtime. If there is no ping reply due to local network issues, it is takes as a downtime (local system is offline). Additionally, it periodically performs a speed test and records the measured upload and download speeds. These speeds are very useful to know the actual download and upload speeds of your internet connection at any give time of the day or night.

Connection Quality Monitor

While all of this information is displayed in tabular format, it is much easier to see and understand it in the chart format. You can see all of this data in a colorful chart in the same Connection Quality Monitor window. We can have one look at this chart and tell when the network is having a slowdown or total down time.

Connection Quality Monitor can be installed on multiple locations in a local area network and all of these instances can be managed from a single location. In this case, you can see the network status information for all these  computers from a single user interface.

You can download Connection Quality Monitor from