IronVest: Masked Email Service for Everyone

A few months ago when ChatGPT was made public by OpenAI, everyone hurried to create a new OpenAI account so that they can try out ChatGPT. For creating a new account online, usually we need to supply our email address and think of a very strong password. It applies to creating a new account for OpenAI as well as for any other online service. While it is not a big problem to give out your email address to know and reputed online services such as AOL, Gmail, Outlook or OpenAI, sometimes we do not want to share the email address with anyone.

If you do not want to make your email address public but at the same time want to benefit from creating online accounts or subscribe to email newsletters etc, then you can use a masked email address service like IronVest. A masked email service acts more like a good VPN or proxy that hides your real IP address behind its own IP address.

Similarly, the masked email address gives you a temporary email address which can be used anywhere on the Internet. Any email messages sent to this email address will be redirected to your real email address. The person receiving email messages from you will never see your real email address.

IronVest Masked Email Address

IronVest masked email service is free for basic use but they also offer many advanced features to the paid customers. It acts as a basic layer of defense when an online service or site where your information was stored gets hacked. So many times the hackers dump the database on the Internet for everyone to see.

The free users of IronVest can create only three custom masked email addresses. But the premium and unlimited users (both accounts types are paid subscription accounts), have no such limitations.

You can create and use masked email addresses by visiting