Degoo : Cloud Storage Account with Free 20 GB

Cloud storage services have become very common place and very popular these days. Instead of investing in larger capacity storage devices, we can simply sign-up for a cloud storage account to extend our storage capacity. So if your hard drive is running short of space, then you can just use a cloud storage account.

If you have decided to use a cloud storage account, you should pick a cloud service that is offering a really large cloud storage space for free such as Degoo. It is a relatively new cloud storage service that offers 20 GB of space for anyone who creates a free account. For the paid accounts, they offer even larger storage spaces.

Degoo is offering apps for both Android smartphones and Apple iPhone. Its app is available through Google Play store as well as other third-party app stores. If your smartphone is running out of space and you do not want to invest in a larger capacity microSD card then you can use Degoo app instead. You will instantly get 20 GB extra storage on your mobile phone.

Other than accessing your Degoo cloud account through the mobile apps, you can also access your files using the Degoo web app. This Degoo web app works from any internet browser such as Google Chrome, Vivaldi or Firefox.

Degoo Cloud Storage

In order to ensure 100% privacy to all the users, the data stored on the cloud is encrypted. In addition, this data is not stored only on one data center. Instead the data is divided into chunks and stored on multiple data servers spread worldwide.

Degoo app works intelligently on both Android and iOS device. This app automatically recognizes when you take a new photo or add files and automatically uploads them to the cloud.

You can download Degoo apps or access the Degoo web app from