How to Restart or Shutdown Windows 11 from Terminal

Windows 11 is a very beautifully designed computer. More and more users are switching from older versions of Windows to Windows 11. It is expected that by the end of the year 2023, a majority of the Windows users worldwide will be using Windows 11.

The main reason why Windows 10 users have been so reluctant to upgrade to Windows 11 is the new hardware requirements. But that is not the only reason, some users also are afraid to try the newly designed Windows desktop. On Windows 11, the taskbar has center aligned icons and it is a different to perform even the simpler tasks such as shutting down the PC or restarting the Windows PC.

Fortunately, it is very easy to shutdown or restart Windows 11 through the Windows Terminal. Here is how we can easily shutdown or restart Windows 11 PC through the Windows Terminal in just a single line command:

  1. Right-click on the Windows Desktop and choose Open in Windows Terminal from the context-menu.Shutdown or Restart Windows 11 with Terminal
  2. In order to restart Windows 11, you can give the command Restart-Computer -Force in Terminal. Be careful, this command is not going to ask anything or alert you about the restart. Your Windows 11 PC will immediately restart.Shutdown or Restart Windows 11 with Terminal
  3. In the similar manner you can use Terminal for shutting down the Windows 11 PC. In this case, you can give the command Stop-Computer -Force. Just like with the previous command, this command also shutdowns your Windows PC without any warning. This is why you should be careful and save any open documents or other unsaved work.Shutdown or Restart Windows 11 with Terminal

These command are actually PowerShell commands and can be used on Window 11 PC not only through Terminal but also through the Windows PowerShell window. In both the cases, the system is restarted or shutdown without any warning. This method is useful when the Windows user interface like the Taskbar has become unresponsive. You can find more information about these commands from Microsoft website.