DirFind : Search for Files Recursively Through a Folder

All the Linux users know about the grep tool which is used to search inside files in a directory. There is also a Windows port of the grep tool called grepwin which gives the same functionality along with a nice graphical user interface. Even though the findstr command available from Windows PowerShell has a similar function, it is slightly different than grep.

If you are looking for a portable directory searcher tool which is not grep or findstr and offers a  graphical user  interface then you can try DirFind. It is a small portable application that can recursively search a directory and match strings inside the text files.

DirFind has a single window interface (just like grepwin or TextCrawler). We begin by selecting a directory through which we want to search for files and their contents. We can filter file names using logic operations – which file name patterns to include and which file name patterns to avoid.


The search expression is the search term that we are looking for inside the files. This can be either a simple search term or it can be a regular expression. We can choose to ignore the text case, search in multiple lines and more. We can choose to display the number of matches, number of files, and number of sum-matches.

The search starts after we click on the Start button in the DirFind window. Search keeps running in the background, and you can see the results in the window. We can right-click on any of the search results and choose to copy their location and access the context-menu.

DirFind is a free directory searching tool that can be used to search inside text files. We can use normal search terms to search or we can use regular expressions. The program does not require any installation.

You can download DirFind from http://yoy.be/dirfind.html.