How to Enable SafeSearch for the Google Search

When you search for something on Bing Search, it automatically enables the SafeSearch provided you are not logged in to your Microsoft account. If you are logged in to your Bing or Microsoft account it uses the settings configured by the user. Overall effect is that if you search for something using Bing, then SafeSearch would be enabled.

Now Google is going to do the same. Starting in the near future, Google has announced to enable Google SafeSearch by default. If any user wants to search the internet for something, Google Search will enable the SafeSearch feature. SafeSearch on Google Search filters the inappropriate text, images and videos from the search results.

However, if you want to enable Google Search manually, then you can do so in in the following simple steps:

  1. In your web browser, visit
  2. It will show all the settings for Google Safe Search. You can choose to enable it by turning on the toggle switch.Enable Google SafeSearch
  3. After you have enabled the Google Safe Search, you will be asked the level of filter to be used. You can choose between off, blur or complete. In the off state it does not block anything. In the the blur mode, it just blurs all the explicit search results. And in the filter mode, it filters all the explicit content.Enable Google SafeSearch

It must be noted that in the off state, it does not filter anything and displays even the explicit search results just like it used to do in the 1990s. However in order to enable Google Safe Search, you will have to prove that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are unable to change the Google SafeSearch settings, then perhaps these settings are being controlled by the system administrator. You can also try clearing the web browser history to ensure that old cache is not interfering.