DupFinder : Find Identical Files on Windows PC

If there are two or more copies of the same file that exist on the same hard drive, then those files are said to be duplicate or identical files. It is a matter of discussion why there are so many identical files on your PC. We can speculate many a number of reasons such as downloading the same file over and over again, or copying the files from one drive to another etc.

We can find and remove these duplicate files easily using a tool like DupFinder. It is a free application that works well on all the versions of Windows starting from Windows 7 but only 64-bit versions.

DupFinder has a very modern and easy-to-use interface. We begin by adding one or more folders which are going to be scanned for the duplicate files. After adding the folders, you can go to making a selection of what type of files are to be found as the duplicates.


We can make a selection from images, compressed files, videos, ISO images, music files, Windows installers, documents, Linux packages etc. If you are not sure about which of these types to select then you can select “All Files”. You can click on the “Start” button to start the scanning of these folders.

After the scanning is complete, you will see the results in form of a list. You can choose to save the results to a file. You can click on the “Auto Fix” to remove the identical files from each of the sets. You can also choose to fix the individual duplicate files one at a time.


It also displays a summary of the results such as total files, unique files, duplicate files, total data, unique file data, and the duplicate files data. You can repeat the same process for all the storage drives to find and remove the duplicate files.

You can download DupFinder from https://www.dupfinder.com/.