Mullvad VPN : VPN Service Based on WireGuard

Many new things are happening in the networking world. One of the new technologies that has revolutionized the VPN networking is WireGuard. It is a new VPN protocol that focuses on two things: powerful encryption and fast connections. Any VPN service that utilized the WireGuard protocol is definitely going to offer state end-to-end powerful encryption without compromising on the connection speed.

VPN based on WireGuard protocol

In case you are wondering which of the VPN services are using WireGuard, then you can try Mullvad VPN which relies on the new WireGuard protocol for its service. This makes VPN connections using Mullvad not only secure, but also extremely fast.

WireGuard is a fairly new VPN protocol that reduces overhead and thus ensures particularly fast VPNs. Compared to the older VPN tunnels, it is many times fast and offers the latest cryptography standards. Mullvad VPN uses WireGuard for their VPN service. It is so reliable that Mozilla (yes the same one who develop Firefox web browser) use it to run their Mozilla Firefox Private Network VPN.

Mullvad VPN

Full privacy and no logs

Mullvad VPN is known for respecting the user privacy. They go to great lengths to keep their users anonymous. This is the reason why they are highly recommended for browsing the internet on insecure networks, such as public WiFi hotspots. Mullvad hides your real IP address and your data is protected from prying eyes.

Mullvard has a strict no-logs policy, meaning no usage data is stored. It does not share your network usage with anyone. It does not track the users.

Full anonymity

Mullvad is not free VPN and you have to buy a subscription in order to use it. They do not ask any identifiable data such as credit card for the payment. You can make the payment with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Mullvad does not ask for email address either.

Flat rate subscription for Mullvad VPN

As previously stated Mullvad VPN is not free but the subscription plans are all flat rate. Irrespective of the subscription duration, you have to pay 5 Euros per month. This also means that they don’t offer any discount even if you buy the subscription for 10 years.

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