Find Full File Path with Copy Path to Clipboard

There are many reasons why one would want to capture the full path of a file. You could be working with a software that requires you to add the full path of a file or you want to find out where actually a file resides on your PC. Whatever the reason may be, finding the full path and copying it to the clipboard is a very annoying task. You have to first open the folder where that file is located and then copy the path of the folder. After this, you have to manually type in the name of the file after the folder path.

But with the help of a third party tool called “Copy Path to Clipboard” we can copy the full path of any file to the clipboard in just a single click. This tool installs a context-menu item for File Explorer. Whenever we right-click on any file in a folder, we can access this special context-menu labeled “Copy Path to Clipboard”.

Copy Path to Clipboard

It has many sub-menu items such as copy full path, copy full name, copy short path, copy short filename, copy parent folder path, copy URL file name, copy relative path, copy URL relative path, copy filename without extension, copy UNC path etc. There is no possibility of the file path variation that they have left uncovered.

In  the settings for Copy Path to Clipboard, we can choose which of these items are going to be visible in the File Explorer context-menu. We can disable the items that we do not want. For example, if you are never going to use the URL version of the file path, then we can disable “Copy URL Filename” and make the sub-menu shorter.

Copy Path to Clipboard

All things considered, Copy Path to Clipboard makes things faster and easier when we have to copy the file path or file names. It is specially useful for the system developers and system admins who need the full path for their everyday tasks.

You can download Copy Path to Clipboard from