How to Make Bing Chat AI Create Imaginary Conversations

After the immense success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot, Google and Microsoft both are working tirelessly to have their own AI based chatbots. Bing has already released Bing Chat which can be accessed from the Bing Search home page. It is not like the OpenAI’s ChatGPT and is more inclined to help you find the search results by interacting with you in a human like manner. You can ask Bing Chat AI questions like, “Where can I find the best chicken restaurant in this area?” and it will show you the results. You can continue the conversation further for more refined results.

But Bing Chat AI also has a creative mode using which we can make it do fun things. For example, we can make up an imaginary dialog between two public figures or fictional characters. Here is how we can do it:

  1. Open Bing Search in your Microsoft Edge web browser.
  2. Click on the Chat link above to access the Bing Chat AI.Bing Chat AI: Create Imaginary Dialogs
  3. From the three available modes (More Creative, More Balanced, More Precise), select More Creative.
  4. In the “ask me anything” box type the name of two or more characters and ask it how the conversation would go if they meet. You can also specify the mood of the conversation – comedy, confusion, formal etc.Bing Chat AI: Create Imaginary Dialogs
  5. Bing Chat AI will gladly generate an imaginary conversation. If the conversation is not properly formatted, you can ask Bing Chat AI to format the conversation so that it is easy to read.Bing Chat AI: Create Imaginary Dialogs

It is very interesting to see how Bing Chat AI is able to fetch the information from the internet about these characters and formulate an imaginary conversation. I asked it to create a dialog between Jack Benny (a comedian from 1950’s) and Joey (fictional character from a TV show). This conversation looks very impressive and Bing AI does a good job of incorporating the publicly known facts into the dialog.