GridMove : Screen Division and Management for Windows

Starting from Windows 7, Microsoft Windows has included an auto-snap feature which helps us quickly resize any open window to the edges. For example, if you drag a window near the top edge of the screen, it turns into full-screen window. Similarly, if you drag a window towards the left or right edges, it is resized to take the vertical half of the screen and you can use a second window for the second half of the screen.

Now there is an open-source application called GridMove which takes this concept one step further. Using this open-source application we can resize and rearrange any open window in the bounds of a predefined grid. This grid can be of many different types. We can make the grid visible or keep it invisible.

After downloading and extracting the GridMove application, you can launch it simply by launching gridmove.exe. It places an icon in the notification area icon from where we can change all of its settings. In order to change the grid template, we can select templates such as 2 part horizontal, 2 part vertical, 3 part reverse, 3 part, 4 part multiples, 4 part, edge grid, horizon and more. We can add our own templates as well.


We can make the grid visible by selecting options and then “Show Grid” from this menu. This shows the grid boundaries using visible straight lines on your screen. We can change the color of the boundaries and pick from orange, blue or pink. We can also make GridMove auto-start with Windows.

GridMove can help you arrange the windows in seconds through the use of pre-defined templates. There is a template file which can be manually edited, if you want to add more templates for newer grids. It is definitely a productivity booster and time saver application for everyone.

You can download GridMove from