Use WordPress Desktop Background on Windows 11

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. It is used to create interesting and exciting websites. It is being used by 42% of the whole world wide web which is a statement of its efficiency in itself. WordPress uses PHP and can use a number of database systems such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL etc.

In a recent blog post, WordPress announced some really cool desktop backgrounds for everyone. These desktop background images have been prepared through an AI tool called Stable Diffusion.

Here is how you can use WordPress wallpaper images as the desktop background for Windows 11:

  1. Launch Firefox web browser. If you do not have Firefox, then you can download Firefox from It is necessary to use Firefox as it has special feature to set an image as the desktop background.
  2. Visit WordPress blog at Scroll down a little and you will find around thirty really cool wallpaper images. All of these images have something to do with WordPress. All of these images have WordPress written in various artistic style.WordPress Wallpapers
  3. Click on the background image that you would like to set as your Windows desktop background. This will result in that image being opened in its larger format.
  4. Right-click on the expanded image and choose Set Image as Desktop Background. Make sure that you are doing this only on the enlarged version of the desktop background image and not on the thumbnail.WordPress Wallpapers
  5. You will be shown various options for setting the desktop background. You can choose the position (center, tile, stretch, fill and fit) and the background color. The background color is used if the desktop image does not fit the entire screen. Clicking on the Set Desktop Background button quickly sets the selected image as your Windows 11 desktop background.WordPress Wallpapers

Beauty of using this method available only in Mozilla Firefox is that it makes everything fast and simple. There is no need to manually download the image and then selecting this image from withing Windows Personalization settings. Firefox takes care of all these steps automatically.