HxCFloppyEmulator : Load All Kinds of Floppy Images

It has been over fifteen years since the floppy disk drives have disappeared from computers. Today’s young generations do not even know what a floppy disk was and why was it used. It is similar to the punched cards used in 1970s for storing data. Older technologies have totally disappeared from the modern systems.

But sometimes when using very old software or operating system, you might have to use the disk images of old floppy disks, CDs and more. If you want to access the contents stored on a disk image of an old floppy disk, then you can use HxCFloppyEmulator.

Even though the HxCFloppyEmulator project is a huge project with the idea of replacing the floppy drives with another electronic device, it has a software that allows anyone to load and access the contents of the floppy disk images. We can download the HxCFloppyEmulator software without worrying about the electronic device part of the project.

After extracting the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive, we can find the Windows_x64, Windows_x86 or macOS folders. For the Windows 11 64-bit computers, we find the software inside the Windows_x64 folder. We can launch HxCFloppyEmulator.exe from there.


In this software, we can click on the Load button and select the floppy disk image file. It supports all kinds of floppy disk images. You can also drag-n-drop the floppy image on its window. After the disk image has been loaded, you can click on the Disk Browser button to access the contents of that disk image. In the Disk Browser window, we can select the files or folder and then click on the Get Files button to extract them.

This software can also read from a real floppy disk if you have some sort of floppy disk drives attached to your PC and save the data in form of a floppy disk image.

You can download HxCFloppyEmulator software from http://hxc2001.free.fr/floppy_drive_emulator/index.html#SoftwareFloppyemulator.