Install St. Patricks Day Theme for Google Chrome Browser

St. Patricks Day is celebrated on the 17th March of every year to commemorate the passing away of Saint Patrick. He was a fifth century Christian missionary from the Irish region. He is credited to preach Christianity to people in the Ireland. He used trifoliate leaves of the Shamrock plant to explain trinity. Because of this people in Ireland and many other parts of the Christian majority world, dress up in greens and use the Shamrock leaves for decorations on the St. Patricks Day.

This year Google Search has also decided to add Saint Patrick Day doodle. When we click on this doodle, green leaves fly out and fall down on your screen. This is a great animation and makes Google Search look really beautiful. But we can also use a theme in the Google Chrome browser to make the browser ready for the Saint Patrick day.

St. Patricks Day Theme

This can be done very easily by downloading and installing  the St. Patricks Day theme from the Google Chrome Web Store. There is nothing much to installing this theme in Google Chrome browser. After the installation, you will notice that browser color has changed, tab color has become green and the new tab page has been given the Saint Patrick day flavor.

Now whenever you open a new tab, you will be greeted with the Saint Patricks Day background. In this background image, you can see a tablet with “Happy St. Patricks Day” written in decorative fonts. Everything is in green color which makes the theme look great for the time of the year.

Even if you do not celebrate the Saint Patricks day, it can still be installed and used as it makes your web browser look all green and pretty.

You can get the St. Patricks Day theme for the Google Chrome web browser from