Icecream Photo Editor : Free Photo Editor for Windows

In the crowd of many over-priced and over-bloated image editing software, Icecream Photo Editor has come forward like a breeze of fresh air. It is merely 26 MB in downloaded file size and yet offers all the features necessary for editing and enhancing a photo.

Dark theme or light theme

People who already use the dark theme, dark mode or dark colors in their Windows user interface, are going to love Icecream Photo Editor as it features a totally dark user interface. This dark theme is enabled by default and personally I prefer it. But we can also switch to the light theme easily from its settings.

Easy user interface

The thing with Icecream Photo Editor is that it does not have a daunting set of cascaded menus which make no sense like some other image editors. It has a very easy to use toolbar which contains all the tools that you are going to use. It comes with a simple “File” menu which can be used for opening, saving or printing files. But all the other tools are available through the beautifully designed toolbar.

Icecream Photo Editor

Tools for enhancing photos

Icecream Photo Editor comes with all the tools that make your photos standout. It has tools for drawing, for adding text, adding shapes, for making selections, for adding images inside other images, for blurring, for resizing, for rotating, for adding color filters, for adding photo frames and more.

Make collages from your photos

Making collages with Icecream Photo Editor is the easiest thing in the world. First you have to click on the Collage Maker button in the toolbar. Then select a collage design and then add the images by clicking on the design. You can resize and reposition the photos as you desire.

Absolutely free photo editor

Icecream Photo Editor is a free software and does not come with any strings attached. It is free for everyone and can be used on any Windows computer. It supports all the popular image file formats. It works on all Windows platforms including the latest version of Windows 11.

You can download Icecream Photo Editor from