NVIDIA Profile Inspector : Modify Profile for NVIDIA Drivers

There are only a couple of mainstream graphics card manufacturers and NVIDIA is one of them. They make GeForce series of graphics cards and many of the NVIDIA GPU variants come pre-installed on the motherboard of a new PC. In addition, you can always boost the graphics performance of your Windows PC by adding a high-end NVIDIA GeForce graphics card.

The recent versions of device driver software for NVIDIA comes with in-built profiles for various popular games such as CoD or Tomb Raider series. These profiles are automatically activated as we launch these respective games. This feature is useful as we can get the best performance for these PC games.

But some PC gamers are not satisfied and want to tinker with the game profile settings. For them, there is a freeware tool called NVIDIA Profile Inspector. This tool can show you detailed information for your NVIDIA GPU. You can view the various profiles stored in the installed device driver software. Furthermore, we can also edit the settings inside these profiles which is otherwise not allowed.

NVIDIA Profile Inspector

Using NVIDIA Profile Inspector is extremely easy which is also why we have to be careful when using this powerful tool. It can make changes to the profiles which might not give a desirable result. Most of the PC gamers who are going to use this tool can be called over-clockers. This is because this tool can be made to adjust the voltage, temperature, clock frequencies and more for your NVIDIA graphics card.

Personally, I do not recommend overclocking your CPU or GPU. This is because it voids the warranty of the product if the device still has some warranty remaining. In addition, since you are running the GPU over the boiler-plate clock frequency, it might get too hot and result in device failure.

You can download NVIDIA Profile Inspector from https://github.com/Orbmu2k/nvidiaProfileInspector/.