ScreenshotX : Easy Screenshot Taking Tool for Windows

There are many screenshot applications available on the internet. Windows itself comes with the basic ability of taking a screenshot of the entire screen. The third-party tools that are commonly found on the internet come with many different types of screen shot captures – entire screen, active window, part of a window etc.

While all these tools focus on taking the screenshots in many ways, there is a free screenshot application called ScreenshotX that focuses on what happens after taking the screenshot. This software is available for free for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11.

As we launch ScreenshotX, it shows two options – free size screenshot and window screenshot. In the free size, we can grab any portion of the screen by drawing a virtual rectangle on the screen. We have to click and drag to form a rectangle and everything inside the rectangular region is captured. The window screenshot can grab any visible window.


After taking the screenshot, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a fun and feature filled screenshot editor. In this editor, we can find tools like a drawing brush, highlighter pen, drawing arrows tool, color picker, and blurring tool to hide sensitive information.

The editor can add two kinds of backgrounds to the screenshot – dynamic backgrounds and static backgrounds. The dynamic backgrounds are generated from the colors of your screenshot. The static backgrounds are some of the most vibrant and colorful backgrounds that can put life into even the dullest of the images.


It also offers tinkering with the background settings by letting the user change the background padding, background corner rounding, background size and the background shadow.

The program places a watermark on all the screenshots with the ScreenshotX website address. But from the settings, we can easily turn off this watermark. We can also change the interface into dark or light modes.

You can download ScreenshotX from