How to Schedule Auto-Restarting of Android Smartphones

If your Android smartphone has become slow and sluggish or you have started to see many errors popping up here and there, then you should try restarting your mobile phone. Restarting a smartphone fixes many problems instantly because the whole system is loaded all over again into the memory.

This is why some of the newer models of Android smartphones come with an option to schedule a system restart weekly. There are many advantages of restarting the smartphone every few days. For example, restarting a smartphone clears all the content of the RAM and loads everything fresh. This means more resources are freed up and apps are loaded fresh eliminating many errors.

Here is how you can make Android (version 11 and above) OS restart the phone every week automatically:

  1. Open Android settings by pulling down the notification bar and tapping on the cogwheel icon.
  2. On the settings screen, select the system settings.Schedule Android Restart
  3. On the system settings screen, select Schedule power on/off and restart.
  4. Choose Scheduled restart on the next screen. Select the time, day and repeat frequency for the automatic restarting of the phone. You can also choose to notify the user of the event. Tap on the check mark icon to save the settings.Schedule Android Restart
  5. Now you have configured the phone to be auto-restarted periodically.

It is better to make the phone auto-restart late at night on a weekend so that you do not miss any phone calls or messages while it is being restarted.

When you keep running the smartphone for many many days or weeks, some of the background apps keep running without the user being aware of it. This drains the phone battery unnecessary. Restarting the phone fixes this.

Even though not a fool proof method, restarting the Android smartphone can also get rid of the malware that could be loaded in the memory. This is because of the fact that RAM is volatile memory and all the things loaded in the RAM are lost as soon as the Android phone is powered off and restarted.