Windows Memory Cleaner : Frees RAM for Faster PC

We hear often that we can make the Windows PC faster just by adding more RAM. It is true that by increasing the available RAM we can load more programs and make PC much smoother. This is easy for both the desktop computers and the laptop or notebook computers. When finding RAM for your computer, you should always find the compatible RAM modules from places like Crucial components.

But if you do not want to add more RAM to your PC, then you can at least ensure that the existing RAM is being used properly. We can use a program like Windows Memory Cleaner to make this happen. It is an open-source tool that can free up RAM that is being held by background processes unnecessarily. In a way, it cleans portions of RAM and makes it available for the rest of the system.

Using Windows Memory Cleaner is very easy. It has a single window user interface. We can choose which areas of the memory are to be cleaned using this tool. We can make a selection from combined page list, modified page list, processes working set, standby list, standby list (low priority) and system working set.

Windows Memory Cleaner

We can exclude some processes from being included in the optimization. There are also options for automatic optimization. The memory optimization can be started by clicking on the Optimize button. The results of memory  optimization will be displayed in the window of Windows Memory Cleaner.

The program is very useful when your PC is acting very sluggish. You try to launch a program and it takes half a minute for it to appear in the taskbar. Instead of restarting your PC to clean up the memory and make the PC more responsive, we can simple use Windows Memory Cleaner to clean the memory and make it faster.

You can download Windows Memory Cleaner from